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Affliction Cosplay Photography is a team of photographers, cinematographers, and cosplayers based in the Birmingham, Alabama area that started back in early 2012. Affliction has traveled the southeast capturing captivating images of cosplayers making their dreams a reality and terraforming the imagination of others. Affliction is currently tackling a major project that they started in 2014 called “Cosplay 24” a documentary that tells the stories of the cosplayers and their creativity behind the costumes. The team consists of —

Chase Lawrence: Founder of Affliction Cosplay Photography and lead photographer.

Levi Mixon: “Forge CosPlay & Photography” and Production manager/Lighting and effects coordinator.

Kristen Nicole: “Kitten Cosplay” Subject/field prep and reporter.

Mike Vickers: “MV Photography” Cinematographer/editor. Chase, Levi, and Kristen will be attending to host panels and work with the cosplayers and their amazing costumes.