Cosplay Kasterborous (with Cosplay-Senpai)

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Cosplay Kasterborous is an interactive costuming group specializing in Doctor Who.  They bring replica costumes and props to conventions, which allows guests to have an immersive experience in the world of Doctor Who.  Stop by the “Police Public Costume Box” and pick up some props for a photo in the TARDIS, then ask the Doctor(s) those burning questions you’ve been holding back.  Want to know where Rose does her shopping?  How River keeps those curls through vortex travel?  Come to AkaiCon and find out!
Ace, better known as Cosplay-Senpai, is a member of Cosplay Kasterborous.  Stuck on a costume piece? Can’t quite figure out how that prop goes together?  With a decade of personal experience and over 20,000 items created, they are here to share their love for media, fandom, and—most of all—costuming! Find them on instagram @askcosplaysenpai for tutorials, live builds and walkthroughs, and any advice you need on making your next cosplay the best it can possibly be.