Steven D’Onofrio

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“Ordinary with huge dreams,” is how Steven D’Onofrio describes himself. The native New Yorker is passionate about the intersection of art, culture and entertainment.

At 27 years old, he is fluent in three Asian languages (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean). D’Onofrio immersed himself in Asian studies by living in Tokyo for a total of two and a half years. When he finally returned to the United States, he could think of nothing more suiting than to use his primary passions, art and entertainment, to bring the beautiful culture he had experienced in Asia to others. In his comedy YouTube series titled I JUST ARTEDâ„¢, viewers get a peek into D’Onofrio’s creative process as he draws a fan-requested art piece while creating a custom cocktail to pair with it. New episodes premier every Saturday, with custom cocktail recipe videos going up on his official Facebook the following day. Guests on the show currently include voice actresses, Tara Sands (Pokemon), Danielle McRae (League of Legends) and Lauren Landa (Sailor Moon).

He is also an official content creator for Viewster Network. In his comedy web series, KAWNPAI, Steven creates custom cocktails based on the anime or video game he reviews in each episode.

D’Onofrio is creating more works out of West Hollywood, California. He released his first Japanese cover single, “WARNING” and performed it at AkaiCon 2016. He also performs I JUST ARTED LIVE at cons and has had very positive reviews from con goers. Steven gained international experience as an official guest at ANI:ME 2016 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has also had the incredible honor of being the official emcee for the World Cosplay Summit in the Middle East.

“I’m living my dream,” he comments. “I still have a lot of goals I want to accomplish.” When asked about his ultimate goal, the artist’s answer is different than some may expect. “I just want to be able to dance with Ellen DeGeneres on her show.” Until then, the journey continues.