AkaiCon Dress Code

We ask all AkaiCon Attendees to respect and follow the below dress code, or you may risk being asked to leave the convention without refund of ticket. This is at the discretion of AkaiCon Staff.

AkaiCon is a family friendly event with Attendees of all ages. Parents with young children will be present.

  • Wear shoes at all times (including dancing shoes, or entire foot coverings)
  • Ensure the sides and undersides of breasts are covered
  • Feel free to wear body suits or flesh-colored fabric as needed for your costume
  • Wear a dance belt (or other undergarments) to cover genitalia
  • Do not wear/use any of the following items: roller skates, roller blades, skateboards (inside the Expo Center), leashes
  • Do not wear costumes that resemble law enforcement or medical personnel
  • Underwear may not be only clothing worn (swimsuits are ok)
  • Do not wear overly offensive shirts/apparel that would be considered offensive to the general populous/considered inappropriate/not family friendly (Unless specifically utilized for appropriate age restricted event)
  • Do not carry solicitation signs (free hugs, etc)
  • Are fursuits allowed at AkaiCon? – We absolutely welcome and encourage fursuits. We have large restrooms to change if need be. We also have pretty great air conditioning!