Frequently Asked Questions


What is AkaiCon?

A 3-Day multi-fandom convention. Please read our About page to hear our story!

When and Where is AkaiCon?

AkaiCon is June 28-30, 2024 at the Farm Bureau Expo Center & Made in TN Building in Wilson County, TN.

945 E Baddour Pkwy, Lebanon, TN 37087

AkaiCon Hours of Operation

Friday 10am-2am

Saturday 10am-2Am

Sunday 10am-6pm

How can I purchase tickets?

Click the “Buy Tickets Now” button at the top of the website. We also sell 1 Day, 2 Day, & Full Weekend tickets at Registration at AkaiCon. 

Registration Hours:

Friday 9am-8pm

Saturday 9am-8pm

Sunday 9am-3pm

I bought my ticket. When do I receive it?

All badges will be picked up at the door the day of your arrival at AkaiCon. We ask the purchaser of the ticket(s) that they provide their emailed confirmation as well as a valid ID.

What do I need to bring upon check-in to AkaiCon?

The purchaser of the ticket(s) must bring their emailed confirmation and a valid ID. 

Do children get in free?

Children 12 years of age and under get in free to AkaiCon with one adult ticket purchase. (Limit 4 free children’s passes with one adult ticket purchase.)

What is the age limit on unaccompanied minors?

People 15 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older or a legal guardian.

What is your refund policy?

If you or people in your party cannot attend AkaiCon, we will happily roll your ticket over into AkaiCon’s next event year. Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis.

I heard you do not have a hotel on site. Are there any hotels in the area?

There are many hotel options within just a couple miles of the Farm Bureau Expo Center. Refer to our Info Menu on the website for information on the hotels we have partnered with for the weekend that will offer our attendees discounts and deals.

Do I have to pay for parking?

NO! We are very happy to tell attendees that parking at the Expo Center is FREE, and there is lots of it.

Will there be food and beverages on site at AkaiCon?

Yes! We have several wonderfully delicious food and beverage Vendors at AkaiCon. If they do not meet your individual needs, there are also many restaurants and fast food options available within a few miles of the convention center. 

How do I get involved with AkaiCon? Can I volunteer?

Yes! Our Volunteers play a HUGE part in the event. Refer to the Volunteer Menu for information on volunteering for AkaiCon.

Is your event all-ages and family friendly?

AkaiCon prides itself on being a family friendly event. We welcome and accept people of all ages. However, we do offer mature (18+/Age Restricted) programming in the later evening hours. 

Will you be checking IDs for 18+/Age Restricted events?

Yes! Anyone wishing to attend mature 18+/Age Restricted programming MUST provide valid ID with proof of age.

Do you have a dress code policy?

Please refer to our dress code policy located under our Info Menu at the top of the website.

What is your prop and weapons policy?

Please refer to our Info Menu for our prop and weapons policy.

Where can I find a schedule of events for akaicon?

AkaiCon’s Programming Department works diligently to get the events schedule public once all Main Events, panels, and additional activity details are squared away. You can expect the schedule 1-2 weeks before the convention on our social media pages and this website!

Are fursuits allowed at AkaiCon?

We absolutely welcome and encourage fursuits. We have large restrooms to change if need be. We also have pretty great air conditioning!

Are the Voice Actors present for Autographs/Meet Ups all 3 days?

Yes. Our Voice Actor Guests will be present Fri-Sun during AkaiCon’s Dealer Room hours. *Hours/availability and events subject to change.