Weapons & Props Policy

All attendees of AkaiCon will be expected to follow the weapons policy as detailed here.

If you plan to bring (or buy) a weapon of any kind to Akaicon, whether it is real, toy, or replicated, make sure you understand these rules clearly. All weapons & props must be checked at Registration when you enter the venue and must be “peace-tied.”

Akaicon shall regulate the items herein within, but not limited to, all venue property, lots, and perimeter. If a weapon is determined to be unsafe or inappropriate for any reason we will ask you to store the weapon either in your vehicle or in your hotel room. Akaicon will not be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.


Firearms, concealed or otherwise, are prohibited on the entire premises, parking areas, buildings, operated by Farm Bureau Expo Center. The weapons prohibition shall not apply to a licensed/certified Police Officer. Violators will be prosecuted in as provided by law.

Bladed Weapons

Akaicon encourages the creativity of all con-goers in costuming, however weapons with a metal blade will NOT be allowed at the convention. Under no circumstances may you carry a bladed weapon or replica sheathed or otherwise on your person.

While purchasing weapons from our dealers is encouraged, this policy still applies as soon as the transaction is complete, you will be asked to immediately store the weapon in your hotel room or vehicle. Akaicon weapons dealers are exempt from this policy and may display their wares in a controlled area designated by Akaicon staff.

Firearm Props & Airsoft Devices

All firearm props must be cleared by the security team.

  • Metal decommissioned or historical replica firearms are not allowed, under any circumstance.
  • Prop weapons must have a “blaze orange” tip, in accordance with federal and state law, may not contain a magazine, and must be incapable of firing a projectile of any sort. Prop firearms must be cleared with the security team, in accordance with posted regulations and instructions, and must comply with any directives issued by the staff. Under no circumstances may a prop weapon be discharged, loaded or not, unless pursuant to a purchase transaction with an official Akaicon vendor inside the designated area for such demonstrations. The Akaicon security team will have the sole discretion in all Prop matters not directly addressed herein.

Outside of these specifics, we encourage creativity in constructing replica guns for Cosplay purposes. This is a safe route to assuring that your firearm prop can and will be approved and trouble-free.

Oversized Props

Oversize prop items are subject to the rules for both bladed weaponry, and firearms. No prop should be so oversized that it presents a hazard or obstacle to other attendees, or hinders the flow of traffic through the convention space.

Fetish Goods

Please folks, keep the kinks in private. Items intended to inflict pain for recreational purposes, including ( but not limited to) whips, chains, paddles, and choke collars are not allowed in the convention proper, and should be kept in your room or vehicle at all times. Such items purchased from Akaicon vendors should be stored in private immediately after departing the dealer’s room. Concerns regarding fetish items needed for costuming purposes should be addressed with the security team before the con.

No Harassment

Simply put, do not do stupid things like chasing after people with weapons (of any kind) or make even casual threats or intimidation with a weapon. Do not make contact or imply the threat of contact with even the most willing of participants. Akaicon does not assume responsibility for injuries incurred due to violations of Akaicon rules and regulations.

Staff Requests & Zero Tolerance Policy

Should any member of the staff belonging to the venue currently housing Akaicon ask you to discontinue a particular action involving a weapon or to remove it from the premises, do so immediately. Akaicon reserves the right to confiscate any weapon, replica or Airsoft device that has been misused and to eject any individual who does not comply with the above policies at any time. We are not obligated to issue warnings concerning violations of these policies. Any infraction can/will result in the fullest penalty available. Akaicon offers no refunds.

Please direct any questions to akaiconinfo@gmail.com